Issaquah, Washington
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Issaquah Neighborhood Guide

All the information presented in this Neighborhood Guide is taken from the Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan, developed by the City of Issaquah Planning Department. As such, the information is given from a city planning standpoint more so than a resident/consumer standpoint. As develops, more specific details will be added regarding each neighborhood's schools, parks, shopping, community organizations, etc.

Issaquah is divided into thirteen subareas in order to facilitate planning and discussion. The subareas are:

  • Squak Mountain
  • Sycamore
  • Olde Town
  • Gilman
  • Newport
  • Montreux
  • I-90
  • Lake Tradition
  • Issaquah Highlands
  • Park Pointe
  • East Village
  • Tibbetts Creek Valley
  • North Issaquah

Each subarea has an existing character that will be retained and, in some subareas, enhanced, through the vision, goals and policies set forth in the Comprehensive Plan and the implementing regulations and documents.

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