Issaquah, Washington
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Olde Town

The Olde Town Subarea is located on both sides of Front Street and both sides of Sunset Way, in the center of town. The Subarea is bordered by Issaquah Creek to the west. It includes the Cultural and Business District {CBD} which is a specific "CBD" zoning district which includes the small scale commercial businesses and personal services located immediately adjacent to Front Street. The CBD zoning district has specific development regulations intended to preserve and enhance the existing scale and character. The Subarea includes areas outside the CBD such as the older residential homes and duplexes located to the east of Front Street. The area to the west of Front Street is transitioning from single family residential to a mixture of small businesses and multifamily developments. Olde Town is the City's oldest platted area and retains much of the original character with grid pattern streets and alleys, small lots and older homes. Rainier Boulevard, which has a mixture of residential and commercial uses, provides a linkage between the Olde Town Subarea and the Gilman Subarea. For more detailed information, please see the Olde Town Subarea Plan.

 Issaquah Real Estate

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