Issaquah, Washington
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North Issaquah

The North Issaquah Subarea is located primarily on the valley floor, on the north side of I-90. This subarea is located on both sides of East Lake Sammamish Parkway and extends north to SE 48th on the south edge of the Providence Point / Hans Jensensubarea. Land uses include commercial, office and quarry mining. Residential neighborhoods in this subarea include Overdale Park, Parkside Apartments, and Bush Lane. Newer office development is interspersed with existing auto-oriented uses, warehouse facilities and older residential areas. Proximity to I-90, utility service availability and a primary arterial street, have contributed to the area’s desirability for office park and industrial development.

Environmental constraints to future development may include wetlands, hillside development and sedimentation.

This area was annexed to the City on February 28, 2000. A subarea plan for North Issaquah has been incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan as part of the 2001 amendment process. For more background information on the North Issaquah Subarea, refer to Appendix 9 of the Land Use Element Background Report, Volume 2.

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